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Welcome to Planet Namek!!
Hello and welcome to Planet Namek. Incase there is anny confusion, this site is in no way linked to the other Planet Namek @ I simply named this site after the planet which housed my Fav. race on Dragon Ball Z. The Nameks. That is what this site is deticated to. So look arround and have fun!
-Sorry it's taking so long for some of you to download the logo pic.
-Sorry that I haven't done much latly. I nned some more Namek pics to make a second page.
You may know me from Action Ace, Pyro Z Anarky, or Planet Plastica Boards. Yes, I am known there as ssjgohan.

My PZA site:
Please visit my other shared website hosted by freeservers, as is this one. It is a Mobile Suit Gundam/DBZ site, and then some!! It's called PZA [Pyro Z Anarky]

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Oh, look. It's Dende! The cutest Namek ever. He's creating the earth dragon balls. Isn't that cute?!
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